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What's So Great About Pooping Diamonds, Anyway

July 8, 2009

Share/Bookmark Housekeeping: As you may know, I am now at WordPress! While my url will still be, the one problem is that if you subscribe to my posts via Google Reader or whatever, they ain’t going to show up no more. So let’s fix that, here and now. Simply click the button below to […]

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The Shiz My Boyfriend Says, Volume X

June 19, 2009

Share/BookmarkAll right, y’all know the drill. Here’s a taste of some of the ridiculous stuff that comes out of the mouth of the one I love, for your enjoyment. (Past “Shiz My BF Says” are here.) And thanks for putting up with all my schmoop yesterday… I’m pretty sure I’ve got it out of my […]

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Bloggy Nuggets (Plop, Plop)

June 17, 2009

Share/BookmarkWhat? Every good blog needs some sound effects. Anyhoodles, I’m working on a little something special for TMI Thursday tomorrow (one time only, safe for TMIT haters!), so let’s keep it short and sweet round here. What’s been going through my crazy ass brain lately… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While walking past one of our abode-challenged friends near […]

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Your Weekend Dose of the Fugly, v13

June 7, 2009

Share/BookmarkHeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there! Lazy Sunday, anyone? Please and thank you. This is one I’ve been wanting to share for a while. Natalie Portman is not only one of my favorite actresses, she’s also the one I am most frequently told that I resemble. Which is, of course, absolutely ridiculous, but I’ll take it all the same. […]

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In Which I Abuse Your Delicate Sensibilities

June 3, 2009

Share/BookmarkI’m going to take a page out of my lover Maxie‘s book and rock out with a Would You Rather Wednesday. (Check out all her WYRW’s here.) Don’t worry, it’s not quite so vile as last time… For the menfolks! Would You Rather… Sit through an entire performance of “Menopause: The Musical” (no commentary or […]

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