The Love Story

by Rachael on April 2, 2013 · 50 comments


Most of you who talk to me outside of this blog know this little ditty by now. Many of you have even met the incredible man I serendipitously moved in with, and immediately fell for, when I landed in this fair city last spring.

But for the rest of you… well, it’s about time.

In truth I got a little too lucky; people shoot me death glares when I mention how we met. (Actually, Shawn hates that story, since I enjoy telling people that “we met on Craigslist.” Granted, it was in the apartment listings, not the casual encounters, but what can I say – it makes me laugh, anyway.)

It was all very moth-to-flame. I warned myself, I swore to friends that I wouldn’t let his cuteness faze me… and then promptly forgot all of that the moment I moved in. He was too funny, too brilliant, too witty, too sexy (and with just a trace of an eastern European accent – seriously, what’s a girl to do)?

The next few months, quite honestly, should have been captured on film. (Let’s just say Britney’s “Chaotic” had nothing on us.) It was a whirlwind of emotions, of highest highs and lowest lows (all of which were patiently borne by our innocent bystander of a third roommate. God bless you, Brian.)

But we got through it intact, somehow. Eventually we decided to do the responsible thing and date like normal people, so I moved out in September, a whole half a mile away… which lasted all of four months. But it was long enough for us to realize that living apart, while responsible and whathaveyou, was wrong in every way.

We’re now bunned up in an adorable Pac Heights apartment with Girl Cat and a new furry addition:

Please to meet L'il Sebastian.
Please to meet L’il Sebastian.

It’s been such a short, fun-filled, wonderful year, but in that short time, I already can’t imagine what my life would be like without him. I feel like something (fate, karma, call it what you will) was literally dragging me across the country to meet the one person who could inspire me to become the girl – the woman – I’ve always wanted to be. He challenges me in ways that both drive me nuts and that I always knew I would need, and I am desperately, beautifully, satisfyingly head over heels is love with him.

So that’s the story. Sorry for the one-year cliffhanger, for those of you who only know me through this blog… I didn’t want to jinx it. But now that L’il Sebastian’s in the picture, I’m pretty sure he’ll be sticking around.