Rachael Act II: Back in the Habit

by Rachael on March 8, 2013 · 25 comments


Sister Act Rachael

I think the reason it took me so long to return to this place is that I don’t *just* want to write; I want to write well. Sharing with e-friends is great. Recording memories is even better. And being a part of the “blogging community” (at least as it was Once Upon a Time) is the very best of all. But my primary motivator has always been to produce something I was proud of; something that would make people laugh, or at least feel something.

Even though I’ve (finally) been pushed to come back here thanks to a very cool project with Sony (more below) — and I’m very grateful for the much needed nudge — I’m still a bit hesitant because, honestly, I feel like my writing rhythm is gone. Or at least in need of some serious re-discovering. But I suspect the only way to conquer that is just to attack it head on, bull-in-a-china-shop style. (That’s always been the method I’m most comfortable with, anyway.)

So here we go! Fortunately for you, my first posts back here will be quite media-rich, thanks to Sony’s ridiculously fun Unedited 408 Project. They’ve chosen social-savvy people from all over the country to rep their cities in the photographical sense, and I’m thrilled to be their Bay area person of choice. Over the next week or two, I’ll be taking 50 unedited photos of my fair city; things I believe show the true San Francisco. (I hope this doesn’t have to be PG-rated, because the real SF is generally not family friendly — and we like it that way.)

I’ll be leaking a few of the shots here, and then the whole collection will be up for viewing in the Santa Rosa Sony Store (hence the #Sony408 hashtag, for those of you wondering why it’s not 415!) before finally being online for the whole world to see. This will be especially interesting for me, because I am one of the worst photographers on. the. planet. If there’s bad lighting, I’ll find it. I never know when to use the flash, and even my cat has a double chin in my pics. Still excited you picked me, Sony?

No matter how they come out, ultimately, I think  it’ll be a blast. And my ulterior motive is that by the end of it, I’ll feel comfortable blogging (at least somewhat) regularly again. Uber win.

(Please leave tips for beginners below, photogs!)