San Francisco: Day the Third.

by Rachael on April 24, 2012 · 74 comments


Day three in my new city. I continue to be completely enamored with it; the buildings and shops and homes are all so adorable. There’s no way to properly describe how pretty San Francisco is; you just have to see it. Streets of beautiful walk up houses are peppered with indie coffee shops, store windows full of fun displays, and endless restaurants and bars that wouldn’t dream of becoming a franchise.

The whole damn city is just so unbelievably original. There’s nothing ticky-tacky about it – everywhere I look is a business, store or cafe I’ve never heard of before.

My roommates – two 30 year old straight men – keep a kitchen stocked with only fresh and healthy ingredients. They make guacamole daily. The apartment is tastefully decorated in an adult, manly way. These efforts may be designed to win over the ladies, but regardless of intentions, it’s impressive.

The job has wowed me in every way so far. I’m only a couple days in, but by all appearances, Adobe is everything an enormous public company could and should be. My team and manager are incredible – I have found my people, y’all.

Walking around downtown is such a pleasant experience – just like the outer neighborhoods, it’s all so unique. Yes, the major stores are there, but the architecture and city squares are done in such a lovely way that there’s very little feeling of corporate Americana infiltrating this charming little mecca.

There’s trolleys and parks and dogs everywhere and ALL THE AMAZING FOOD. People are smart and friendly, and everyone’s just so happy to be here. Thanks to how plugged in everyone is, I already have a built-in network of acquaintances just waiting to be turned into my west coast BFFs.

Although our 12 hour flight was an entirely miserable ordeal, Girl Cat flopped down on the fireplace mantle the moment we got home, happy as a clam. We’ve had hours of snuggle time in the past couple days, gorging on wine and wet food respectively, and finally watching season one of Downton Abbey to boot (SO GOOD).

And, in true Rachael form, I have brunch plans on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. #allthebacon

I am living out of a suitcase until my belongings catch up with me next week, but that’s my biggest hardship. I miss DC like crazy of course… but I know I’m supposed to be here right now.

My new adventure is off and running, and it’s a damn good start at that.


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