On Rooting for the Underdog

by Rachael on March 29, 2012 · 13 comments


When I moved to the Bloomingdale neighborhood in December, I fell in love. Quickly, and deeply. I’ve actually been having what might be called “a torrid affair” over the past few months; we see each other almost every night, and I think it’s definitely getting to the point where I’d call it serious.

Hi, my name is Rachael, and I’m in love with a whiskey bar.

Boundary Stone Public House isn’t just the closest bar within stumbling distance. (Although, hey, easy access never hurts, amiright?)

No, friends. This place is a magical haven for those in the neighborhood. It’s our very own Cheers; warm, welcoming, cozy to the point of never wanting to leave. The bartenders are talented, wonderful people you actually want to talk to. Their servers are fantastic, everyone knows their whiskey, and all the staff – from the owners to the kitchen – can be found at the bar after their shift. (And as someone who spent a decade in the industry, THAT’S the mark of a truly great place – when their own people want to drink there.)

Drinks and service and atmosphere; check, check check. (And bonus: a free jukebox!) These are all very important things to have in a local watering hole, to be sure. But what about food?

In short, the Stone’s food is stellar. The daily arancini never disappoints. The fish and chips is offensively good. The burger smothered in BACON JAM is – wait, didn’t you just hear me say it’s smothered in bacon jam?!

But their crowning achievement, for me, is the wings. Their honey hot wings will make you weep, they’re so good. The sauce… I dream about it, is all I’m saying.

And they’re up against a corporate behemoth in the Washingtonian battle for DC’s best wings.

I want them to WIN, guys. I want this for them, bad. They’re the greatest little bar in the world, and they just opened in September. It may seem trivial, but this would be huge for them. Put them on the map, so to speak.

So if you have the time, lend a click. Just ONE, and vote for them over this Korean BonChon place.


Go on… do it for the little guy. Who just so happens to be the best damn whiskey bar in DC.