Cool iPhone Camera Apps: A Follow Up

by Rachael on February 20, 2012 · 7 comments


The fabulous people from Wondershare (makes of the PowerCam iPhone app I reviewed a couple weeks ago) have done it again.

If there was ONE complaint I had about PowerCam, it was that there were almost too many choices of cool filters and effects to choose from. It was overwhelming, in an awesome way – but I’m the kind of girl who will take longer and longer to choose my entree, according to how big the menu is. Give me five things to choose from, and I’ll make an instantaneous decision, and be thrilled with it.

So I was stoked when they told me about PowerSketch, which takes some of the coolest “sketch” filters, and makes them available on an app all by themselves. Instead of eleventy billion (I might be estimating) options, there’s ten or so.

I love this, because it’s much more simple, but honestly I think “sketch” is one of my favorite effects. And ALL of these are still available:

(I’m sure NO one is surprised at my choice of muse. Say hi, Girl Cat!)

So, if you like the idea of creating really cool iPhonography pics, but are overwhelmed and easily distracted by a menu full of fancy options (oooo, SHINY!!!!!!) – this baby’s for you.

Plus, it’s free TODAY only, so hurry up and download it ASAP! (It’s only a dollar after that, but still. Dollars buy important things like four handfuls of Skittles from the movie theater candy dispenser. Just sayin’.)

If you download it and make any fun pics, post the link here!

FTC Disclaimer: I was monetarily compensated for reviewing this app. That said, all thoughts, critiques, and/or exclamation points are entirely my own. (As if I’d have it any other way.)